The Ruthless Rant - 1/23

forget Sister Wives. I wanna see Brother Husbands… a bunch of guys fighting over whose gonna hit it tonight.

The Ruthless Rant - 1/21

all this talk about getting “gronk’d” today. first of all…’s the lord’s day. don’t talk like that. secondly…..doesn’t anyone just “f**k” anymore?

The Ruthless Rant - 1/20

i don’t know if everyone in porn needs to wear condoms, but there sure is a strong case for goggles.

The Ruthless Rant - 1/19

Groupon is advertising 2 singing Justin Bieber toothbrushes for $14. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with Justin Bieber in their mouth??

The Ruthless Rant - 1/16

Guys with long fingernails creep me out. it makes me fear for someone’s ….well…..insides.

Happy Record Store Day!

Today is one of our favorite holidays of the year, Record Store Day! Some of you are probably wondering… “What the heck is Record Store Day?” Founded in 2007, Record Store Day is “the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.” As you can probably imagine, there is much excitement in this day for all musicians out there!

So in the spirit of all things Rock & Roll holiness and that our CD’s have sold out in local record stores, we have decided to slash our online prices on everything!

Record Store Day Exclusive Special: Buy any t-shirt and get a free cd!

We will also be donating 50% of our earnings to the Japanese Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund. So what are you waiting for???

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P.S. Our pick for the 2011 Record Store Day Best Purchase: The brand new Foo Fighters - Wasting Light!